The Fourth Step In the Referral Process

Getting the steps right in the referral precess is key to passing referrals and not leads. When steps are missed, you end up with low level leads not quality referrals. Step four of the referral process is the solution step. Once trust is built, you have given your referral partner the knowledge about your business, and you have taught them how to identify need, it is time to offer the contact a solution.

What do you want your referral partner to say about you when they are offering you and your product or service as the solution to the contacts problem? One way that I teach my clients to do this is with a quality testimonial.  This is where your GAINS Profile is very important, your accomplishments around your business is what you want your referral partners to pass on to the people they are referring to you. Your accomplishments build your credibility and you want your referral partners to be fully armed with as much information as possible for building credibility on your behalf.

Here is an example of what I say when I am offering one of my referral partners as the solution to a problem;

Susi, I was in a very similar situation as you, I needed to get better at bringing in business. I had the opportunity to sit in on Kevin’s sales classes and decided to take some of his advice and put it to work in my business. As a result I have seen a 33% increase in my business. (I give some of Kevin’s accomplishments in his field) Then ask, “Does this sound like the kind of person you would be interested in working with”?

Once Susi says yes, it is time for the 5th step.

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