You Can't Make Withdrawls Until You Make Deposits

You Can't Make Withdrawls Until You Make Deposits

If you have a business network you must make a deposit before taking out a withdrawl! Here I explain why.

Have you ever walked into a bank where you do not have an account and attempted to make a withdrawal?  It’s a ridiculous idea, they would simply look at you and tell you “Open an account, make a deposit, then you can make a withdrawal.”

It works exactly the same way when you are networking.  You must first invest into your network before you attempt to make a withdrawal.   Consistently I have people approach me and ask me to connect them, give them a referral or do business with them, but they have done nothing to build a relationship with me.  They have made zero deposits.

Think about your network, how much time have you spent investing in that network?  All to often we are quick to go out and add more people to our network believing that quantity is the most important thing.  While you are busy adding to your network you don’t stop to nurture the network that you have already built.

Take a look at your current network.  Who is in it?  How much time could you spend investing in the people you already have in your network, making deposits into their accounts?  This would be time better spent than adding hundreds of new people to your network whom you never really invest in.

When you invest in others it makes it much easier ask them for a withdrawal when you need it. Take the following actions over the next few weeks;

Pick 3-5 people in your network whom you would like to develop a deeper relationship.

  • Schedule time to meet with each one of them, invest time in getting to know them better.
  • Find multiple ways that you can help them, invest in them and their businesses.
  • Schedule regular ways to stay in touch with them, drop them notes, articles, emails, and connections.
  • Buy their products, take their classes, contribute to their success, invest in their future, in return they will be willing to help you when you need to make a withdrawal.

Spend more time nurturing the relationships that you have and you will be able to spend less time running around town adding more people to your network.  When you are ready to make a withdrawal, your network will be there to help you.

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