Make it Easy for Your Referral Sources

Make it Easy for Your Referral Sources

Making it easy for your referral sources will result in more business for you. Here are my five tips!

If you want more referrals from people in your business network, you have to be able to make it easy for them to find and give those referrals to you. People want to help you, but most will not step out of their comfort zone to make it happen.

Here are 5 tips to help you start the process of making it easier for your network to refer to you:

1. What should I listen for? I am with people all of the time, and many of them are complaining about something, or sharing great news, or contemplating a decision. Each of these conversations present opportunities to develop referrals for you.

2. What visual clue might I see that would lead me to recommend or refer you? Are there things that are common signals that a person might need you for? Such as someone who’s car has a dent in it and you are an auto body shop owner.

3. Are there things that I might see that would help me recognize someone as your target market? Like a motor cycle or boat in a drive way for the insurance agent.

4. What kind of things might be happening that would lead me to believe that someone is in the market for your services? A child being born, and child going to college, or a new business that just opened?

5. Is there an activity that you clients often engage in? Such as running in mini-marathons, jogging, bike riding, working out, skiing, or any number of activities that would help me identify our clients?

The more you can paint a picture for your network members the easier it is going to be for them to help you. Unfortunately, this means that you have to give some thought to what and who you are looking for as clients. Anybody or everybody will not be as effective. Profile you clients and teach your business network members how to spot the clues for making a referral to you.


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