No Jargon in Networking

No Jargon in Networking

Tips for how to engage at a networking event if you want to meet potential new clients!

I go to a lot of events, from workshops, seminars, networking events and social events, and I talk to a lot of people.  I am comfortable asking people questions and drawing them out or sharing information back and forth.   But I hate it when one person wants to show the group how much smarter he or she is than everyone else and then dominates the conversation with their blinding brilliance,  that no one really cares about.  Then to top it off, he is speaking in “Jargon” you know the “Code” of his industry.  After all that makes him look smarter and he is just waiting for one of us to ask him a question about it so he can show off some more, as he leads us down another Jargon Riddled path.  PLEASE don’t be one of these people;

Here are 3 simple tip for you to follow:

1.  Don’t speak in your industry code.  No one really knows what the heck you are talking about and really are not that interested.  It is kind of like being in a room full of people who speaking in a foreign  language, they all understand each other, but you feel left out.

2.  Do not Monopolize the conversation, especially when you are a guest at the event.  Answer questions as succinctly as possible and move on unless you are asked another question.  Sometimes you just need to say, that question would take a lot of explaining maybe we could excuse our selves or meet one to one.

3. Take time to really listen to others and ask them questions about what they want or need.  80% of good conversation is in the Listening.

Don’t be a Jargon junkie, conversation hog at your next event, ask questions and listen to others. When answering a question be succinct, you will make more friends and people will want to learn more about you.

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