Business Networking


Time, Money, & Wishing Our Lives Away
Here are all the things I have learned about time and what you can do to create more of it. When you are young, you put things off because you believe that you have plenty of time. When you are old, you wish you had done so much more when youth was on your side.
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Are You Tracking Your Referrals?
Tracking where your business referrals are coming from is one of the most important tasks you can do! Referrals can come to you from many different directions.  Some will come from people you meet at networking events, some may come to you from your existing customers, and others may come from your trained Referral Partners. You
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My Life In a Pie Chart
Putting my life in context of a pie chart has been interesting to evaluate! This was yesterdays Smallbox Thinkkit challenge, but I had to think about it, so here it is today.  Taking a look at my life in a Pie Chart is kind of interesting. It made me think about where my time and my
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