Be The River

Be The River

Why you should flow like the river in life!

After meditating I often journal, it is at these times that I do much of my very best writing. This particular piece was after meditating one morning. It is my new mantra for 2022, not only my mantra but the way that I will approach my life moving forward.

You are the River

You do not live your life as the rock in the river. Always being stuck in one place, being worn down by the river. Rather you are the river. Flowing to meet the ocean, not being stopped by the rocks that are thrown into your path. But going around it, over it, and eventually making the rock smaller, smoother, and something of beauty.

As the river flows along its path, it makes its journey to the ocean to become one with it, and becomes the collective one water. So to do you and your Life travel a path to the collective one water.

You are not stopped by the natural order of life, you are stopped by the ideas and problems that are manifest by humankind. Just as a dam can stop a river, over time the river escapes the banks and finds a new but continued flow.

Be The River

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