Understanding what exactly holds you back in your life and work is definitely the hardest thing to do… I know it all too well, as recently as one year ago I was suffering from a serious post-traumatic stress disorder, following my 2 tours served in Iraq. That period in…

I’m one of the many thousands of aspiring artists who live in LA, switching in between going through the auditions and working a day job (like waiting at the restaurant)… But at some point in my life, when some personal issues collided with a long hiatus in my professional career.

When I’ve lost my well-paid full-time job immediately after the Great Recession broke out, I’ve been at a loss to cope with it…. I hardly had any strength to carry on with anything, on top of the fact that without the day job I became a full-time mother and a housewife.

After a tough divorce that I’ve lived through recently and a nervous breakdown that I’ve had afterward, I definitely needed something motivational to hold on to… Mr. Bridge’s philosophy and incredible energy were the cures for me!

Isabelle’s life has taken a lot of amazing u-turns ovAfter visiting one of Mike’s speaking tour events in Chicago I’ve finally found some new motivation in me! Facing a bankruptcy just recently had brought me down for a while, but now I am refreshed and good to go again!