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Mike Bridge


Mike Bridge, better known at his North-Western University alma mater’s Debate Classes as “the Motivator” is a rock star in the motivational speeches business!

His expertise, his philosophy and ethic programs, his books and his events, attended by thousands of people yearly are famous across the US…

Though, while he enjoys a certain level of success and fame now, it hasn’t always been like that!

Its hard to believe, but in his high school years, Mike Bridge was a timid and shy boy! Eventually overcoming his tepid qualities was a stepping stone for him, as he found joy in helping thousands of people more to step up a little bit further!

Among hundreds of things that Mike Bridge does on a daily basis, his books, motivational speeches and podcasts prevail as the most popular! See a full list of what knowledge he has to offer you today!

What Mike has to offer:

  • Books
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Events
  • Podcasts & Audio Books
  • Personal Development Articles
  • Business Coaching