Passion Attracts People to You Like Bees to Flowers

Passion Attracts People to You Like Bees to Flowers

Showing passion in loving what you do attracts people and does make them want to do business with you!

Do you LOVE what you do?  Would you do it for free if you had too?  I love what I do.  I know that what I do makes a major difference in the lives of others, and I wake up in the morning excited about my day. Everyday. Do you?  This morning as I was speaking to a prospect for the Referrals for Life Program, and I was struck by her belief in herself and that what she does is important and helps others as well.  I thought to myself, this is exactly the kind of person that I want to work with, a person who loves what they do and wants to grow their business.  Her commitment to herself and her passion for helping her clients was obvious to me and to others.

Passion is like the sweet nectar of a beautiful flower, it attracts the honey bee, who takes it to the bee hive to share with their “network”.  When you are passionate about what you do, your network taps into that passion and carries it out into their business networks for you.

People want to work with people who believe in themselves, it is easier to put your trust in someone who believes that they are the best at what they do. It is also easier to refer that person to others who may benefit from their services.

So, let me ask you, do you believe in what you do? Are you passionate, and does it show?

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