Thank You from a Retailer

Thank You from a Retailer

Here is why it is the little things that matter in a business!

Last week I did some shopping, you see I have lost some weight and that means I have had to buy some new clothes.  Yea Me!!

First I went to Macy’s and bought a suit, 2 shirts and a pair of pants.  From there I went to Talbots, picked up a jacket and a sweater, and that lead me to Nordstrom’s where I bought 2 dresses, a pair of cute shoes and hosiery.

I took all of my loot home and put it all away.  Excited about my new purchases, but not thinking much about it after that.

A week later, there was one of those nice little envelopes that usually holds an invitation or a thank you card.  When I opened it, there was a hand written note from the lady at Nordstrom’s who sold me my dresses.  It was very nice, she used my name and remembered my weight loss and smaller size dresses.  How great was that!

I did not get a card from Macy’s or Talbots, or even the clerk at Nordstrom’s who sold me the shoes and hosiery.  But I know where I am going to go to by my next suit and I know who I am going to ask to help me.

Here is the question, what stops other retailers from doing the same thing?  Why can one retail store make it part of their culture and others never give it a thought?  Macy sends me lots of coupons but never a thank you note, why?

It is the little things that you do in your business that creates customer loyalty, so let me ask you….What are you doing that sets you apart and makes your customers want to come back to you.

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