Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you still stuck in your comfort zone? Here is why you need to push yourself out of it.

So I am at a Referral Institute/BNI Conference here in Wisconsin,  listening to Coach G’s Program.  He said something that really struck me and caused me to take a look at my business activities in the last few months.  He talked about getting out of our comfort zone.  And I thought wow, I have really been in my comfort zone lately.

How many of you are Networking in your Comfort Zone?  You go to the same meetings, you meet the same people, you collect the same cards, use the same elevator speech, and ask for the same business in the same way.  You are in your comfort zone, not stretching, not growing.

To grow professionally and to grow your network more effectively you must get uncomfortable. Do those things that make you stretch and think outside of the box.

Go to an associations meeting, a training or a networking event that you have never attended before. Learn something new.  Meet new people, meet people who might know something that you do not know, spend money on a training program and meet others who are learning the same thing as you are.  I am amazed how often our students in Referral Institute strike up relationships that turn to great business relationship because they are in the 12 week program and learn together.

Get uncomfortable!  If you are not uncomfortable you are not growing, if you are not growing your are stagnant.

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