What I Really Learned—Creating a Habit

What I Really Learned—Creating a Habit

I will show you how creating a healthy habit has changed my life for the better!

Sometimes you just need someone to encourage you to do something that soon becomes a habit that you love. I learned to love taking long walks and waking up for early mornings.

I was inspired by my friend Adam, I gave him an audio book, A New Earth,at one of our coaching sessions. He told me how peaceful it was to listen to the book as he walked and how much he loved the quiet time. I was inspired to start doing the same. The thing is, I never liked exercise and I have never done anything that I have really stuck to for very long. I trained for the Mini Marathon a couple years back, but after the marathon I was done, except this time has been different. The idea of simply going for a lovely walk while listening to my favorite book in the mornings did not really seem much like exercise.

Steps to get started:

  1. I downloaded a program to track my progress on my phone. In my case I use Nike+Running, it is so motivating to see your total add up.
  2. I am at 600 miles and cannot wait to start over in January.
  3. I have an accountability partner and I send him a screen shot of each of my walks.
  4. I downloaded very inspiring audio books, I get bored with music, but the books are wonderful.
  5. I walk early in the morning before my day starts out by 5:30am
  6. I started slow, 3 miles, 17 minute miles – Now 6 miles 14 minute miles
  7. I went to the Blue Mile and got fitted for good shoes
  8. I lay my clothes out the night before, get up, get dressed, get out
  9. I walk alone, always working on improving my distance or my time

I have burned 60,000 calories, loss two dress sizes, created a new habit, found that I really enjoy the walking and working out, and inspired some friends to pick up the same habit. So what I have really learned, is how to create a new habit!

What habit would you like to create?


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