Mother Earth Is Recreating Herself

Mother Earth Is Recreating Herself

“All are from the dust, and to dust all return”

This quote is from the Bible and the passage emphasizes that humans and animals are no different and that everyone is made up of earth and will return to the earth. Ecclesiastes 3:20.

The earth is a living organism, and she is in a constant state of change; we humans are part of the earth and are in a continual state of flux. Everything is constantly changing, nothing stays the same. Earth has been changing for centuries, and humanity has intensified with our constant need for more bigger, better and faster and with little to no concern about the repercussions of our actions. After all, we are humans, the superior living being on this big blue rock in space, or so we think. As I look around myself, my community, my country and the world, I am convinced this is not the case.

The beauty Of Nature

Nature is always in a state of recreation. Nothing makes that more noticeable to the human eye than the transformation of the butterfly. From egg ,to caterpillar, to chrysalis, to the beauty of nature and finally the butterfly.

Rabbi Noah Weinberg said, “Don’t be afraid that the real you, may be different from the current you”. As humans we recreate ourselves several times in a lifetime until the day we die, and still we are amid recreation. Unlike the butterfly where it is so apparent to see the change happening, it is not so visible with humans. We change a little at a time, or sometimes something happens that completely changes us immediately and profoundly.

That is precisely what we are seeing and feeling and is happening to the planet. She is changing and has begun to speed up the process. The changes have always been there; volcanos erupting, earthquakes, storms, floods, heatwaves, cold snaps and extreme rainstorms. Even if we were not on earth, these things would have continued as she went along her path of aging, changing and reinventing herself again and again.

But humanity has played a significant role in speeding up these changes when we disregard the planet entirely as a living thing and think that it is ok to take what we want without any regard for the impact it has on earth or humanity and when we care little for the balance of life on this earth.

A sunset over the water.

In our desire to to fulfill our lives more, we have disconnected ourselves from the planet we live on; we have disconnected ourselves from the lives that are impacted by our greed for more stuff, let alone the impact it has had on the planet and all other living species that call this planet home. We have single mindedly and blindly pursued a false sense of happiness built on a lifetime pursuit of getting more and more stuff because what we currently have never fulfilled that state of joy.

If you compare the current state of humanity to the state of the planet, you will see the similarity in our state of health. Heart disease tops the kill list for humans, which is no surprise to anyone, but it is the same for the planet; as we continue to pull from her resources we weaken her heart. Respiratory diseases are destroying the lives of many and it continues to be a problem with the planet as we rip out her lungs through the destruction of her forest around the world. Rivers, streams, lakes and oceans are so dirty and polluted at our hands that life is being lost daily, just as kidney and liver disease take millions of loved ones from us.

Mother earth is in a state of change, the parasites have weakened her, and she has tried to warn us, but we have chosen not to listen. We have forgotten that we are part of the earth; we were meant to be in a symbiotic relationship with her. So she will continue to change and be here long after we are gone; her priority is not humanity, as we are the same parasites that are killing her.

Mother earth is changing, and our survival is not her concern.


NOTE: This article is my opinion; I write for myself as a journal. I am not here to argue, convince or debate. Everyone has their thoughts and beliefs about life, and whether we agree or disagree does not matter to me. After all, you may be right.


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