The Evolution of Your Network

The Evolution of Your Network

How has your business network changed over the years? I am sharing what has changed for me, and how I see networking now!

In this prompt I was to write about someone who has had the biggest influence on me this year so I have spent time really thinking about this. I came to the realization that no one person has had a major influence on my life this year but rather my “network” has influenced my life in profound ways.

It is amazing that in a year the people who come into your life and go out of your life. The changes that take place in you as a person, in others, and in the world and how all of that comes together to influence you and those around you. People you thought would always be in your life wander away and others enter into your life to influence you in whole new ways.

Networking and connecting are actually a way of life for me. I have been doing it, teaching it, and writing about it for years. Most of us talk about networking as a way to grow our business, why it is important to our business and how to make more money through our networking efforts. Today I can see the evolution of my network, it has evolved into friendships, relationships and community.

Many people have a negative view of networking, they see it as something you do for business, as predatory, aggressive, time wasting, and over whelming to keep up with.  Wayne Dyer says change your perspective and you change your world. That is indeed the case when it comes to networking for your business.

Many of my best relationships have come from my networking activities and the evolution of the relationships within that network. I have made great friendships, some have been dear to me for several years, new friendships have formed while others have wandered in different directions and come back again.

When you take the time to stop and really look at the network you have, whom you already know and who is showing up in your life consistently you realize that you have more than just a network that is about business, you have friendships with a diverse group of wonderful people.  Yes, there are many in your network that may only be business connections, but you will be surprised who will show up and inspire you, influence you and become more than just a connection when you are open to allowing others to be more than just a connection.

Let’s talk about it, how has your network evolved?


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