Take Time To Reflect On Your Life

Take Time To Reflect On Your Life

I am a firm believer that everyone should take the time to reflect upon their life!

My life has been a journey, one that few people really know, but think they do. I have learned so much on this journey and as I am on the precipice of my 68th birthday, I realize it is important to reflect upon my life and begin to share those revelations.

At 30 I looked back on my life and I became aware of how much I needed to accomplish things. I was scared and could not figure out where I wanted to go, who I really wanted to be, what I wanted to accomplish. I compared where I was, to where I wanted to be. I was disappointed that I was so old and had done so little, I did not know my own worth.

At 40 I reflected upon where I was at that age compared to 30 and realized I had accomplished more that I had given myself credit for but knew that I had a long road ahead of me to get where I thought I wanted to go. I set goals and promised that I was going to go forward and become the best at what I do. I needed the recognition of achievement to know my own worth.

At 50 I reflected on who I was, what I had become and what was the real meaning of it all. Is there more to my life than just what I do and what I have? Is this all there is ever going to be? I thought about how I had tied my worth up in things and the opinion of others. I became aware of how I let others dictate my self worth.

At 60 I reflect upon all that I have learned, all that I have overcome, and all that is really important to me. At 60 I reflect upon my worth and how all along I was worthy. I was born worthy of life and all that it has to offer in spite of what I was told or what others’ opinions of me were.

8 squares showing Hazel with different emotions.

Upon reflection I realized that at every one of these age milestones I have always had worth, and my mere existence on this earth as a whole and positive human being all by itself is a magnificent accomplishment.

Now, I reflect on my journey, my failures, my accomplishments, my lessons, my pain, joy, happiness, my anger, regrets and all the love in my life. I reflect on my values and how they have shown up in my life over my 67 years. I reflect on all the people I have helped and those I may have disappointed or let down because that is all part of the journey to.

Do you have time to reflect on your life? Do you journal? Do you review the lessons you have learned? Do you remember adventures you have had? The people you have met and loved?

When you take time to reflect you will realize that there are constant opportunities for you to change the story of your life. You will see the patterns of that are happening in your life over and over, and when you see the patterns show up you are able to take action to interrupt the patterns or follow them to conclusion.

It was upon reflection that I learned that I was my own worse enemy, I am the source of my self sabotage that were being dictated by the fears I fiercely held on to, and when I followed those fears to the source, I learned that they were the fears of a child.

As I edge closer to another milestone, I know there is so much more to life than getting more stuff; today I understand the responsibility of my life and the life of my fellow human being. I understand forgiveness for myself and others.

Take time to reflect at the end of the week, reflect on what you have learned accomplished and overcome. Take time to review the year, the years, the decade and the life to date. It is only in reflection what we learn what we need to know without having to continue to repeat the same lessons over and over.

When you take the time to reflect you have the ability to change the path of your story.



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