Learning New Skills Keeps You Young

Learning New Skills Keeps You Young

I get very excited at the prospect of learning new skills, and below is some of the ones I am hoping to achieve this year!

When the Small Box ThinkKit Prompt was “What new skill do you want to add to your repertoire?”  I got excited so I made a list of all the new things I want to add to my repertoire, and the list became unrealistic. There were too many things on the list to become good at any of them.  So I have narrowed it down:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Podcasting
  • Surfing (when in Australia)

Rock climbing looks thrilling and will require more strength training on my part. This is something that will help me stay fit and give me opportunity for more adventure. No I am not going to go climb the side of a mountain this year, but I am going to go start climbing rock walls and progress to something more.  I have learned one easy step at a time.

Podcasting I think will be easy enough to learn and I have several friends who are already doing it. I have a concept for a book/blog that I want to do and it lends itself very well to a podcast. I have to thank my friend Erik Deckers for this fun idea and my friend Lorraine Ball is very skilled at it so I will go to her for some educational guidance also.

Surfing just looks fun! It is last on the list because I don’t know if I have the skill or ability to do it, but I do have friends in Australia who Surf daily and have offered to teach me. Sounds scary therefore it is certainly something that I must try.

I am sure as the year goes by there will be more and more things for me to take on but I will start with these 3 ideas and see how it goes!

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