The Naked Networker

The Naked Networker

Who really is behind that video screen?

Do you network naked? Networking online allows us to do a lot of things that we would not do if we were face to face. Who are you talking to on that Social Networking Site? Do you know? Are you sure? I have a friend who is always using his video camera and says that he will be glad when everyone is communicating for business using video and audio not just text. If it were up to him every home and office would have video phones, so he can see who he is talking to. He would never leave his home again.

We always get into a debate on this, because I absolutely do not want people to see me all the time. Sometimes I am sitting at home having conversations with people on my social networking sites, not looking my very best. My hair may be a mess, or I might be in my pajamas. If people could see me all the time, I would get online  much less often.

How Do You look?

Take a moment and think about it, do we really want to see what is going on behind that avatar? What are you doing when you are online at midnight? How do you look at 6am in the morning? Do you really want people to see that? Are you twittering while you are sitting in the back yard drinking a beer, or did you stop at your computer between taking the garbage out and taking a shower?

Dave believes that if we could all see each other then we could build higher levels of trust with one another. We would not have to rely on out dated photos to give us an idea of who we are talking to. He also believes that we would be able to do less face to face networking, thereby saving time, fuel and money. Maybe, but I don’t think so. Pictures are deceiving, as many have learned while using the online dating sites. It is easy to start the relationship online, it is not until we meet face to face that I am assured of who I am speaking to and working with.

After all, you never know who is really behind that pretty photo on the screen. It could be this guy:

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