My Life In a Pie Chart

My Life In a Pie Chart

Putting my life in context of a pie chart has been interesting to evaluate!

This was yesterdays Smallbox Thinkkit challenge, but I had to think about it, so here it is today.  Taking a look at my life in a Pie Chart is kind of interesting. It made me think about where my time and my life does go during any given day.

I am a six hour sleeper, sometimes less. I have always wanted to spend my time in the waking world, doing things, seeing things, thinking, reading, writing, meeting people all the things that can be done when you are awake thrill me. Sleeping is sleeping and while there are some great dreams to journal, it is just practice for laying in a coffin someday.

Walking after being in a race.

Working out has become a part of my life. Whether it is walking or lately exercising with a yoga or burn CD, I make it part of my daily routine. Not because I love working out, but I want to feel good and look good on my 114th birthday.

Thinking, meditating, journaling is another part of my life that I enjoy.  Most of us never consider blocking out thinking time but I believe that it is important for us to consider taking time daily to meditate/think/journal it makes a huge difference in my day when I do or when I do not take this time.


Work for me is doing those things that I do not like to do at all. Like clean the house, do the laundry, file papers, all the stuff that is non creative and I feel like it is a must do not a want to do. But I know that each day there is a certain amount of work that has to be done, and frankly I think I gave it too much space on my Pie Chart since honestly, the place is a mess and I don’t really work every day.

Eating is a necessity to live, so I don’t spend a lot of time in that area either, I eat to live I do not live to eat. I enjoy good food but mostly when I am enjoying it with a friend. If I am home alone a peanut butter sandwich will do.

Hazel in front of a BNI sign.

LIVE that is now where I spend most of my time, living my life. What I do for a living is like play for me, I don’t consider it work, I love what I do and I love whom I do it for, inspiring, challenging and supporting others.  Live includes, reading, traveling, connecting, writing, learning, dreaming all the things I enjoy. Most of my life is just spent living, and that includes everything above, they are all part of my living.

So, there is my life in a Pie Chart. When I compare it to my core values, Courage, Commitment, Curiosity, Freedom and Fun. I would say I am in alignment. How about you?

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