The Bucket List – Just Kick It!

The Bucket List – Just Kick It!

 I am sharing some tips on how to make your bucket list worthwhile and create your life of adventure!

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The bucket list is very popular with so many people.

Do you have a bucket list?

You know that list of things that you want to do before you die? It is beautiful sentiment but it is pretty much a crock of crap! This is because most people just keep putting into the bucket but few people are taking things out of the bucket and the bucket gets fuller and fuller and fuller. Most people have set the bucket way out on Someday Island where most of the rest of their hopes and dreams live. In fact, the bucket list just becomes a receptacle for hopes and dreams to be held in while waiting on Someday Island.

Kick the bucket, knock it over, dump it out, I dare you! It is a worthless bucket unless you make some changes it will never get emptied before you actually do kick the bucket and depart this world.

What must change?  Glad you asked. Here are a few tips and ideas that you can do to make the bucket worthwhile:

1. Sort your list – take a look at all the things on your list and rank them easiest to accomplish to hardest to accomplish. As an example, I want to do a skydive and I want to go to Bhutan. The skydive is easy, I can do that locally with people in my network who do skydiving. On the other hand, visiting Bhutan is much harder. I have no connections there or a plan on when and how I will get there. Start checking off your easy things to achieve first.

2. Put dates next to your items on your list. Without a date, it will just linger on Someday Island and never get accomplished. Dates at least give us something to work towards, even if we do not make it by that date we are still making progress towards that item.

3. Create a plan – what has to happen, by when, for you to be able to do that thing. I am living in Australia 7 months out of the year and when I talk to people about Australia they always say, I have Australia on my bucket list to someday visit. My next question is simple, do you have your passport?  Amazingly most people do not have their passport, so that would be the first step in the plan, is to get a passport.

Start with the 5 of the simplest things, like visiting Grand Canyon, and put a date and plan to it. As you start to mark off the easy ones you will be getting closer to the difficult ones, like climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Your bucket list is not the place to dump your hopes and dreams of things you want to do, it is the place to create your life of fun and adventure.

As an example, I have on my bucket list to visit the country of Bhutan. A small country between China and India. I have zero local connections there and I need a plan. So, the first step is to reach out to my global network in the surrounding countries and ask for connections. Next, put an achieve by date. Without a date to work towards the items on the bucket list, they are just dreams. To make a dream come true you must have a plan and a timeline.

Try some of these tips and watch that bucket list empty with a life of fun achievable goals!

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