Me, Einstein, and a Cluttered Desk

I’m no Einstien, but I can tell you that we have a couple of  thing in common: his desk looks much like mine, and we both are blessed with ADD. I am highly creative and able to focus for extended periods of time, but I am easily bored and require a fast pace.

When I had the office in my home, it was always a mess because I never took the time to put things away, much like my kitchen when I used to cook! There were always papers stacked everywhere, pens and pencils tossed around, a white board all marked up, and in general things just tossed on my desk that needed to be moved so I could get to my keyboard.

Today, my workspace is my lap most of the time. As I was preparing to move from the house to an apartment I decided to get rid of my IMac and switch to a new Mac Book Pro so that we could be on the go. I find that my Mac and I get most of our work done on the plane going from place to place. The flight to Australia is 13 hours from L.A., so there is ample time to do work on those flights, especially since most of the international flights have a place to plug my Mac in when the battery gets low. When I am sitting on a plane working I am uninterrupted and unable to go very far, so I can knock out a lot of writing; it just flows much like the wine on the Virgin Australia Flights.

The long over-the-ocean flight forces me off of social media, phone calls, or many other major distractions. But just as my office desk was a chaotic group of papers tossed about, I would say that my computer is the same, with many documents in progress at the same time and the desktop a bit chaotic.

I am glad that I work alone because I am certain that I would make my co-workers crazy if they had to share space with me. I love what I do, and I love the way I do it. The beauty of being my own boss is no one gets to tell me otherwise!

What is your secret for keeping your desk clear of all the clutter? Have you been able to transform your desk from chaos to organized and keep it that way? Tell me your secret tips.

Thinkkit Life Line – Work It  What did your workspace look like this year? Did you use a desk, chalkboard, table, floor, or all of the above? What was essential (or completely non-essential) to your workflow?

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