Intuition & a Global Network

in·tu·i·tion ˌint(y)o͞oˈiSHən/ noun. The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Intuition — we all have it, and we don’t really know how to explain it. Sometimes it feels like magic; men call it a “gut” feeling, but the ability lies within each of us. But over time we have learned to pay attention to logic and ignore intuition.

Recently, while looking for a new place to live here in Indianapolis, I walked into an apartment of a new complex on the Northeast side after looking at 12-15 others, and when I walked in I knew it was the right place. There was no doubt at all in my mind; it just felt right.

When I felt the desire to purge my house, to put it on the market, and to untether from the things that I had gathered, I paid attention. Yes, it made people around me uncomfortable that I could not explain what I was doing and why, but for the last few years I have had a strong feeling that Indiana was not going to be my only home. I was certain I was going to be moving, and just kept having this sense that I needed to be ready when the opportunity came along. That was reflected last year when I wrote the blog “Be the River Not the Rock.” Just be in flow with life and go where it takes you.

So I began to design my lifestyle as one of flexibility, one that would allow me to go as I needed and come back when I could. Downsizing my home, moving into a secure apartment, getting rid of all the things that were not needed or cherished. I started putting systems into place that allowed my business to flourish without me, and people who I could trust to run it. I began to let go of relationships that were not positive, of the people who had become judgmental about the words I used or life I chose to live, those who were clinging and attempted to hold me back. I built deeper relationships with those who would support me, encourage me, and stay connected to me regardless of where I might be. I kept working on developing deeper relationships of trust and friendship with my global network.

Then it happened! I was asked if I would consider living in Australia, become part of the BNI Australia Team and lead them to a higher level of success. I looked at Frederick, the National Director for Australia and said “yes, I am open to the possibility.”

Shortly after that, I got a letter from a lawyer saying that he had been hired by Mr. Frederick Marcoux to represent me in the procurement of a 457 Australian Visa. I called Frederick and he said, “I have a vision for Australia, and I know that you can help all of us get there.” He further explained his vision for the organization and I knew this was the opportunity that I had been preparing for.

So 2014 will have me in Australia on a new adventure working with Team Aussiana — BNI Australia and BNI Indiana. The wisest decision I made was to follow my gut, listen to my intuition, and step out in faith that everything would work out just as it should. I look forward to what the New Year brings, and I will continue to listen to my gut, to follow my intuition, and to embrace the adventure!

This is written for Thinkkit Prompt #4 – December 4: A word to the wise. What was the wisest decision you made this year? Describe your decision making process, discuss results or just share a little learned wisdom.

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