The Power of a Few Words

I had the opportunity today to participate in a unique event here in Indianapolis called Social Media Dames #SMDames13. One of the best events I have been to all year.

It was the brain child of Amy Stark and Erin Albert, both amazing Social Media Dames themselves. They came to realize that women in Indiana are not well represented in the Social Media Scene but clearly there are a lot of women here doing great things with their businesses and social media.

What was unique about this is the way that they formatted the program. There were 18 speakers, each got 5 minutes followed by Q&A. The event was limited to 50 women including the speakers and wow what an amazing 50 women!

Every woman who spoke brought a story of their favorite social media site and tool and how they achieved success with it. All in 5 suscint minutes!

I was asked to present, so I spoke in 5 minutes about building and maintaining a Global Network, not just for your business but for your life. What fun to speak powerfully in 5 minutes that both educated and inspired other women! Better than a 50 minute keynote and the practice of getting a message across in 5 minutes was invaluable.

The whole event proved that as a woman, we can support one another and teach each other in our own unique style by simply telling our story in 5 minutes. We were in an enviroment where everyone felt safe to ask questions and walked away with exactly the information they needed and the contacts to add to their networks.

Thanks Amy and Erin, job well done. #SMDames13

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