Building Your Network

Building your network takes time and patients.  It requires that you build relationships that allow for a certain amount of credibility with one another.  Relationships cannot be rushed and require consistant nurturing if you are going to be able to facilitate the referral process with one another.

Unfortunately, few people take the time to truly nurture the network that they are building.  Instead they continue to add more and more people to their network with out taking the time to get to know any of  the people on a deeper professional level.  Believing that more is better many networkers build very wide networks in a transactional manner.

If you slow down and take the time to dig deep into your network you will find that you network is more effective at developing referrals for you and your business.  Here are a few things that you can do to dig deeper into your network.

1.  Find out what problem your network members solve for their clients.   They can solve the same problems for your clients too.

2.  Find out what kind of Goals your network members have for their business and how you can help them achieve those goals.  Share yours with them.

3.  Get to know some personal information about your network members.  What do they like to do in their free time is an easy question to ask and leads down many different paths.  People love to talk about the things they love, when ask what the enjoy doing they begin to open up and create rapport.

4.  Take time find out what kinds of things your network members are proud of  and let them toot their horns. You can use this information when you are telling others about them.  It builds their credibility.

5.  Find out what their biggest challenge is and how you can help them solve that challenge.

6.  Who do your network members want to meet?  Find ways to connect your network with each other, they will appreciate it and remember you for it!

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