In his book, Business by Referral, Dr. Misner teaches the reader how to build deeper relationships with your feel network members.  He does this by using the GAINS Profile.  Last post I discussed the G, how understanding others GOALS allowed you to help them.  Next up is the A for Accomplishments, when I understand what my network members have accomplised I am able to build their credibility with others, this is called Horn Tooting .    Tooting the horn of your fellow network members is a valuable way to help them build credibility.  It is something you can do for your network members that adds value to them.

Do you know what your network members have accomplished that they are proud of?  Can you carry that story for them?  Have you let them know what you have accomplished and what you are proud of ?

The next time that you sit down with a fellow networker ask them, “What have you accomplished that you are proud of?”

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