It Takes Practice to Get Comfortable

It Takes Practice to Get Comfortable

Feeling comfortable right away isn’t always easy this is why it does take practice!

Women and some men have always considered networking as too aggressive, going to events handing out your cards, shaking hands and chit chatting with people you may never see again. Over and over again they tell me that the whole networking world just feels to “salesy” and they don’t like it. I have to say quiet often I go to an event and feel that very thing.

Most women by nature are nurturers, when that nurturing approach is applied to our networking activities it allows for a level of comfort that we can’t find when we feel we are being too pushy and asking others to buy, buy, buy, from us. When I plan to attend an event, I have written on a 3×5 card what I am trying to accomplish at the event, a connection for some one in my network, a referral for a referral partner, or to meet 1 person who I would enjoy getting to know better and add to my network. When I accomplish these goals at each event, I not only feel comfortable I also feel successful.

The more we can put a system around what we are doing and the more we practice,  the more comfortable we get and the more success we have. You will not get comfortable if you are not practicing, that means, get out of your office and go meet someone new today.

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