Looking Forward to a New Way of Being

Smallbox asked the question, “What are you looking forward to the most about he next 365 days?”  Again like so many of the other questions my list is long. It had things like, speaking on more stages, traveling and working in more countries, finding a new place, blah blah blah. Really, all of those turn out to be by products of what I am really looking forward to…..I look forward to a year that is free from the echo’s of my past, for the first time ever I go into a year, free of what has held me back from doing all that I am capable of doing. Those little echo’s that emerge from the past in a hauntingly familiar voice no longer plague me or define who I am as I move forward in life.

I look at a new way of living my life, I feel that there are great things in store for me and the world this coming year. A year of greater abundance of people and experiences of not being attached to my things but appreciating those things that I do have and letting go of them when I need to.  I have found that things energetically tie me down to a place, and I choose to wander the world this year, helping others to achieve their goals, their dreams and build their bridges.

I look forward to being the river and going with the flow, not letting the rocks stop me, to a world of forgiveness not permission. I have decided that in my world all the lights are green and everything is possible.

I look forward to the ability to say I am sorry quicker, to ask for forgiveness sooner, to giving forgiveness to those who don’t ask and don’t care, to letting go of grudges, to find a way to sit with those who are in pain and feel their sorrow without trying to fix it, but honoring it in both them and myself.

I look forward to working with the people who want to work with me and to the people who want to be with me.  I look forward to a year of endless possibility.

Looking forward to 2013


Thanks SmallBox this has been a great project and as really taken me deeper into my writing than I have ever gone. I look forward to next december.

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