2012 A Most Exciting Year—Business Networking and Sex

The most amazing thing for me this year was the release of my book, Business Networking and Sex, not what you think.  When the concept of the book came about, Frank DeRaffele and I batted around lots of ideas.  I wanted to write a book about building her network her way, he wanted to write about how she networks differently, so we joined forces.  In the process we decided to do a survey and went to our friend and mentor, Dr. Ivan Misner who not only wanted to do the survey but wanted to also be part of the book. Thus a collaboration was born and Survey Said, He Said and She Said emerged.

This book took 4 years to write, with the survey taking the biggest part of that time.  There were many hours spend in California at Ivan’s home and cabin working together as well as regular conference calls. Write a book is hard work, collaborating with 3 people on all sides of the country even more difficult.

January of 2012, the book was officially released. Entrepreneur Press, our publisher ran full-page ads in their magazine and launched a marketing campaign. We had radio, TV, and print interviews, we had book tour event all over the country. Speaking engagements and training programs opened themselves up to keep all of us very busy.

The release of the book was like the birth of a child the anticipation and chaos that comes with it over shadowed the exhaustion and work. Today we are settled into a more refined and manageable routine as we move into the next year.

I move into 2013 with a clear brand, launching of a new website, and fresh marketing plans in place. New opportunities take me to global destinations and fresh book ideas are underway.  I learned a lot and I look forward to learning even more as the second book get’s underway.


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