Noticing My Neighborhood—Ready to Move On

Small Box Thinkkit prompt: Take a walk around the neighborhood, what do you notice:

All too often I take walks with the intention to get under a fifteen minute mile. I and my dog, Tucker walk 5-6 miles a day when the weather is decent. My very favorite time of day to walk is early in the morning before the dawn has broken over the eastern horizon and moon has not quite set on the western horizon. I can hear the screech owls calling to one another in the dawns early light, and bunnies are crossing the trail heading back into the woods, teasing Tucker with their leisurely pace. Now and again there is a beautiful fluffy skunk who will tease us as he sits on the trail daring us to pass by him.

 But today, I took a walk around the neighborhood, leaving the trail and faster pace for another day. The task was to walk the neighborhood and write about what we noticed. I have not walked the neighborhood in quite a while so this was a pleasant task for both Tucker and I.

 It was interesting to take a look at the neighborhood as it readies itself for the holidays. Some of my neighbors when all out with their lights, garland, and inflatable while others just put up a simple wreath and a few lights and bows. While others like myself do nothing at all.

 I noticed a couple of the houses are for sale, some are so manicured and well maintained while still others are just allowed to take care of themselves. The houses on the water had the pleasure, or misfortune of the geese on the water, floating and blending in with the gray day. I noticed the only real color in the neighborhood were the Christmas decorations everything else was gray, capped by the blue sky and white clouds and the geese just blended into background.

 I noticed that in my head I wondered about the people in the houses and what they where doing as they prepared for Christmas, and I noticed how big the houses here were and why I really am ready to move out of the neighborhood.

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