Building Your Network Takes Work

Somehow people believe that if they just go to networking events theyare bilding their network.  While they are buiding thier database theyare not necessarily building their network.  It is important to take time with your network and build strong relationships. How much time have you invested in the relationships in your network?  Do you know?  How do you nurture your network?

Here are  things that you should be doing to support your network:

1.  Find out what their Goals are and how you can help them achieve those goals.

2.  Strategize ways that you can support one another.  For instance, one of my best referral partners like to speak to groups.  As a ways of supporting him I recommend him as a speaker any time I am called to speak.

3.  Set up luncheons for each other in which you both bring your best client for the other person to meet.

4.  Schedule regular times to do some strategic planning

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