Have You Niced Someone?

So this Smallbox Thinkkit challenge was to tell about a time that we NICED someone.  I love to do nice things unexpectedly, a little gift, a surprise, a kind word, whatever. The unexpected nice thing actually makes me happier than the person I do it for.

Recently, I found a big chocolate arrangement, it was all made up of Hershey Bars. So I bought it, took it to my local Starbucks, where everyone knows my name and drink of choice and gave it to the manager and her team.  They were thrilled that a customer would do that for them. It was great to surprise them with a nice gesture.  They work hard, they smile, they take the time to come from behind the counter and greet the people setting around, sharing a word or a hug with the regulars and I just felt they needed a little recognition for all their hard work and kind acts.

Every now and again we must stop and thank the people who serve us, it is a Givers Gainworld, the more niceness you show to others the more it comes back to you. It simply makes for a better world.

Today, think about who you can “nice”.


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