Dreaming of the Next Global Adventure

I was raised by family who bounced from state to state because my Dad was in the Air Force, so I got used to moving to new places around the US.   The only person in my life who I knew had been out of the country was my grandfather when he was in the Navy.  It never occurred to me to travel beyond Canada or Mexico.

In 2007 all that changed, I took my very first trip out of the country I had to have a passport and a visa! I was scared, excited and overwhelmed all at once I was going on an adventure to a country so far away that most people I knew had never been there. In fact, when I said I was going there the most common question I got was, “Why?” My very first trip was to China, 3 weeks in China where I met friends who were local and part of an international mastermind group that was in with them. It was the most amazing trip I have ever taken.

Today I travel the globe, I am not bothered about traveling alone, and I meet the most amazing people in my travels. So when I begin to dream about where I want to go, I find it difficult to choose. I dream of going to a new country, place or adventure every year and I really do not care where it is in the world, I just want the experience of having gone there.  I know that my life will not be long enough to experience the entire world the way I want to experience it, but I am certainly willing to give it a shot!

Happy Travels


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