We Each Come to the Table with Talent

The challenge this time was: Try something totally different. Have something for lunch or dinner you don’t normally eat. Make up a new recipe. What did you come up with?

I don’t really cook, so that did not work for me. But…..I am great at making new connections and new experiences! So instead of cooking something new, I met a new person at a new eating establishment here in Indy and had a new kind of food! You see I don’t cook, not even a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I am a good cook, those who have eaten some of my cooking rave about it, but I don’t cook.

What I do really well is connect with people. All kinds of people, from all over the world. Today I had the opportunity to connect with Duncan at Firebelly at a brand new place called Cerulean it was amazing, a new concept, a new way of serving Midwestern food, a new friend and a new opportunity. When we play to our strengths and we show up in an authentic way, therelationships, connections, and opportunities that we are presented with are amazing. Duncan and I hit it off right away, we exchanged ideas, thoughts , belief’s and love of the world with each other in a way that was seamless.

I decided several years ago, that it was more important to me to collect relationships and experiences than it was for me to collect business and money. Once I made that decision the most amazing people have shown up in my life, from all over the wold.

So what are your strengths? Never feel like you have to follow the crowd or even follow the rules, always play to your strengths, honor who you are in the world, dance to your own tunes and live the life you choose.

See you next blog,


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