No Traditions Please

This challenges was to write about what new tradition would we like to start this year. I have taken two days to consider this. Honestly, my answer might surprise some, but I do not want to start any new traditions. In fact I am not a big fan of tradition, shocking right?

When I was a young wife, my in-laws had certain Christmas traditions and we all had to participate in those traditions. So my own traditions were set aside as we scrambled to meet the traditions of this family. The disappointment of not being able to celebrate my own tradition caused friction between my husband and I, which did not make for a very Merry Christmas. I vowed that I would not be that mother or mother in law when my own children had families.

People get so hung up on traditions, it has to be this way or that way, it leaves no room for creativity. I have watched so many families have one dispute after the other because people were forced to honor a tradition that they did not believe in or did not care to participate in.

For me tradition is tied to the past and prevent creativity, for others they bring peace and comfort. So each of us must decide what traditions we choose to honor and what traditions we throw out. At the same time we have the freedom and flexibility to create brand new traditions if that is what we choose.

For me, I choose not be create any new traditions, I will just respect others and participate in theirs as I am allowed to.

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