How Do You Unwind?

It is a hectic world today, people run at full tilt until they collapse into their beds at night. Not surprising we are an exhausted population. This is especially true for the women who are trying to balance work and family, they rarely take time off during the day for themselves and go until they are exhausted, only to start it over again in the morning. Finding time for ourselves is vital. Time to be quiet, to get centered.

I walk and listen to inspiring audio books while I am doing it. I find this very soothing and I am able to center my day, allowing me to create a day that I am able to accomplish much.

I also meditate which is a huge way to unwind. So many people stop meditating because they think they are failing when they don’t stop thinking, reality is, we cannot stop thinking. Rather just follow your breath, deep belly breath that is balance in and out. When a thought comes into your head, just let it go, don’t grasp it, let it float by like a cloud. After about 10 minutes of this I find that I become calm creative. I may do this 2-3 times a day but I like to do it at night before I go off to sleep and again in the morning either before or after I walk depending on how my day is structured.

I journal after meditating because I find that I am the most in touch with my heart and able to go deeper into my journaling.  It is a great way to take  thoughts that swirl around in my head and put them in my journal to get clarity around them. I have been doing his for 30 years and it is amazing to read how my thoughts and life have evolved.

Taking the time to unwind is vital to a life that is well rounded. We work hard and each of us are called to care for ourselves and take time to unwind.

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