What I Heard Inspired Me

I listened to a lot of people talk about what they were excited about, what they have done, what they are going to do. For all the doom and gloom that we hear about the economy, of politics, war and the end of the world. What I heard from the people I talked to today was upbeat, positive and excited.

Am I just hanging out with positive people? Maybe so, but I cannot think of one reason to surround myself with any thing less than those who see the world as good place.

One friend sold all of his possessions and went off to pursue his dream. He thought once he had it that he would be happy, only to learn that the dream is not all that he had hoped it would be. But he is still happy that he did it and he has learned more than he anticipated. He has learned a lot about himself, who he really is and who he wants to be in the future. While looking for his dream he found himself.

For a group of women it was the vision of an organization that would inspire women that has grown and become all that they had hoped it would this year. As they plan for the future with a vision that is as big as the sky they found joy in the relationships they have formed and the women they have helped. While pursuing their vision they found each other.

What I heard from the people I talked to today was love of life and the desire to create a better future for others. An appreciation for what they have and what they have to give. An appreciation of themselves in spite of the trials and tribulations that they may have faced.

What I heard inspired me.

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