Is This Wisdom?

At 5 I was impulsive and moved through the world completely untethered by reason, logic or wisdom. Enjoying life was the primary function of my five year old mind. There were broken bones, bruises, cuts and tears in abundance.

At 15 I was impulsive, doing what I wanted, not being tethered by those who made the rules, there were tears, arguments, and more tears.

At 25 I was impulsive going where I wanted, working where I wanted, demanding things be my way, there were tears, there were arguments, there were consequences.

At 35 I became a little less impulsive, caring for a family, growing a business, there were sleepless nights, long days and bills to pay.

At 45 I thought about reacting impulsively but I knew there would be consequences so I chose to think about it first.

At 55 I remembered what it was like to be impulsive, to live life uninhibited by consequences, to be fearless, to enjoy the surprise of life, there will be consequences and I will embrace them.

Is that wisdom?

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