Who Would You Love Most to Spend Time With?

Day 3 of ThinkKit:  If you could meet someone new in 2013, who would it be? Or would you rather spend more time with someone you already know?

describe the imageI thought about this question all day, who would I want to meet, past or present.  I came up with two people I would love to spend sometime with, both are alive today, one is Richard Branson. I am touched by the way that he treats people. The way that he interacts with them, and his own willingness to do whatever he ask others to do. He is man who walks his talk, never asking one person to do something that he would not be willing to do. I would just like to spend time with him, learning from him and getting to know him and asking him questions about some of the things that he sees happening in the world. His sense of fearlessness and curiosity mesmerize me.

The other person I would love to spend time with is Daniel Pink. He is a visionary seeing the changes that are going to impact us in the future. The is a brilliant man who really sees what is happening moving forward and has a great way of telling the story. I would love to talk to him about the book Whole New Mind. The whole left brain, right brain conversation is amazing! When  I listen to him speak I am impressed with his sense of friendliness and connection with the audience.  Daniel is one of those people  I could just learn so much from.

Both of these men are inspirational and I would be able to learn a lot from them.

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