Self-Portrait: Head and Heart

SmallBox ask us to do a self-portrait in this prompt.  For me that is my head and heart. I operate from one or the other at all times.  There are those times when I am completely in my headspace. That place where business, achievement, ideas, goals and accomplishments come from. I love this space!  I am completely at home here, always coming up with new ways to do things, goals I want to achieve, programs I want to implement, ways for others to do things too.  This is the space of logic, no emotions but pure logic. I can run the businesses, support my clients, develop new products and services and even plan a vacation here.  This is a comfortable place. For me it is also a difficult place to keep up with since my brain can come up with more ideas and strategies than I can possibly implement.

The second part of my self-portrait is Heart. For years I stayed away from this place, after all heart has no place in the world of business right? As a woman I have been taught that we must separate the two, there is no place for the emotional ways of the heart in a business. After all it is just business! Men are really good at this, separating the two and I wanted to be as successful as any of the men in my world so separate I would.

When I learned how to tie the two together in my life and my business amazing things began to happen! People I wanted to work with began to show up, inspiration began to take hold of my writing and teaching. Speaking in front of rooms full of people became more powerful because it was not just logic any longer, it comes from a place of passion, feeling and caring wrapped about the facts and logic.

Today, I love my clients, I want the best for them as I want the best for myself. I understand that there are times I must be fully engaged in logic but I can easily move to heart to soften the hard edges of that logic when I need to. I understand that when we intellectualize everything it can feel cold and judgmental, people do not hear. If I put heart around the cold edges of the logic, suddenly I am heard.

In 2013 I seek the harmony of Head & Heart


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