Lost Like a Ball in Tall Weeds

Every now and again, I decide to go out and hack at balls on a golf course near by. I am forever losing my golf ball in the tall weeds and spending what feels like hours looking for them. Most often I never find mine but I do locate a few that never were mine!

We often find our selves lost in this life but I have learned that I am never really lost, just on a new and maybe unplanned adventure.

We can find ourselves lost in a lot of ways, lost in a project, lost in time, lost driving around the country side, lost in thought, lost in a good book, lost on how to do something new, but ultimately we always find our way. So are we ever truly lost?

Besides, if we are like the lost golf ball, maybe by being lost we come back with something more than we had when we originally got lost. It is all about being open to the possibilities.

Enjoy the journey


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