Connect to the "We" Instead of the "I" When Networking

Growing up I learned to do everything alone, on my own. My father was in the Air Force and we bounced from place to place so I never really learned about being connected to a community. I learned that I should not get attached, to figure life out on my own, to not rely on others as they were likely to not be around long. As an adult I continued to live life and build my business the same way, doing what I needed to do without asking for help or support, often struggling to figure it out, wasting time and resources.

Later I learned about netoworking as a way to build my business and connect to others in the community. Networking was a well known secret to success, unfortunately, over the years it has become an over used word. Today networking is used by people to push their own agenda, to get what they want, to push their products or services without thought to the other person. Misused and misunderstood networking has gotten a bad rap. Networking at it’s finest is simply a way of creating connectedness in the world. Humans are meant to be connected to one another, to create community that supports and encourages one another, we are not intended to be a lone wolf.

When networking is approached with an open heart and an open mind we find people who are there to help us in profound ways that we never expected. We meet people who fill a spot in our life or our business that forms a perfect “We”. That sense of “we” can blend our talent, our dream, our networks and “we” can create success in ways that make life and business fun and easy.

When we approach networking without judgement we find people with causes and dreams that we can help, support and encourage. When we stop making networking all about me and we begin to look at it as “we” the opportunity to help each other win increases 100 times.

The next time you go to a networking event, approach the event with a different intention, approach with the “we” mindset instead of the “I” mindset. Watch how many people begin to seek you out to support you, help you because you become connected of their “We”.  Good networking is a “we” activity, not an I activity.


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