The Six Figure Networker

We all know that person who is a highly connected and able to get most anything done simply by calling on their network.  We don’t meet them everywhere we go, they don’t attend all the “networking” events in town, but they have one of the most well-developed networks in town.  How does that happen?

Not by accident I assure you. The six figure networker grows their network very strategically, they have a very clear understanding of diversification,  they have systems to manage it, track it, and keep it completely engaged.  Unlike most people who are running around networking and connecting, they are paying attention to who they are networking with and think about what value that person brings not to them but to their “network”.

They understand that it takes time to nurture their network, to support those in their network and to build a well-rounded network that creates win-win relationships for everyone.  Six Figure Networks do not happen by accident and it is not limited to men, there are women who have amazing networks. They understand that their network is by far the most valuable item that they own and they treat is as such.

Are you a Six Figure Networker?  Do you know one?


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