Business Networking and Sex, Testimony from Malaysia!

I love when I get testimonials from fans and especially when they are coming from the other side of the world.

Dear Hazel,

Greetings from Malaysia!

Just a note to say that I really enjoyed reading “Business Networking and Sex…” and the practical hints and tips it gives. I share them with my BNI chapter (BNI Laurus Penang) on a regular basis. The copy of my book took quite a journey as it was purchased in the UK and was brought over to Japan when I met up with family who were in Japan to visiting our niece who is studying Japanese studies there. The lengths people go to get great books eh?! I also visited a BNI Chapter while in Japan and that was both fascinating and successful. The meeting was conducted in Japanese, but that another story!

I particularly like the survey findings that women feel that networking has played a slightly higher role in their success and that women received a higher percentage of business from networking. We men can still learn a thing or two! I share this with my wider business circle as I feel more women in Malaysia would achieve greater success if they had more courage to network in BNI and in the community. The two survey results to a large extent show what is possible (with the caveat that the survey would have had more relies from outside Malaysia than from within it).

It would be great to connect via LinkedIn if you feel it would be beneficial and if I can be of assistance to your BNI Indiana members who wish to extend their network into Malaysia and the wider South East Asia I’m happy to help where I can.



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