Gentlemen, What Is the Economic Impact of Your Current Networking Strategy?

Women are growing businesses all over the world. As you can see from this chart, taken fromBOLT Insurance Site,  the total impact globally is significant. When we did our global survey of 12,000 men and women, we learned a lot about how the sexes go about connecting and doing business differently. If men want to be able to do business with, connect, get and give referrals with women, they are going to have to learn some new techniques. It is important on both sides of the fence that we learn to “adapt” to one another’s style.

Three key area’s stood out from our survey that certainly impact our ability to network, connect and refer:

1. How men and women go about building relationships and doing business

2. How we go about learning to network

3. What is important to her when referring and what is important to him

The biggest issue is this, when ask “How do you learn your networking skills?” men only scored higher in one category, “On My Own”. It was clear that women were seeking education while men felt they already new it all.

Based on the statistics above, this could be a major issue for men who have not learned to adapt their networking strategy. Women are dominating the business world and they are making many of the financial decisions in businesses and at home. I am ever amazed at how many men tell me, “They don’t read books” and our survey showed they don’t take classes, so how are men going to learn to connect and do business with women the way that women want to do business? What will it cost men and women to not learn?

Flip side of the coin is this; Men still dominate the business world, ladies how are you learning to adapt your networking strategy?

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