You Should Know About Women and Healthcare

Following is an article written by my friend TJ Couzens with BrandX Research.  His company does research on the women’s market so they are pretty informed about female market and what women want.

You should know how women impact the health care field. With health care serving as the centerpiece for heated Washington debates, it is crucial for businesses to understand the health care market and just how prominent a role women serve in that market.

Through a recent research project, Brand X Research has discovered some interesting facts about women in the health care marketplace:

  • 87% of women believe physician communication can be improved.
  • Women are responsible for 76% of surgical procedures.
  • Women represent 81% of private pay patients in hospitals.

Women have lower re-admissions than their male counterparts.

Not surprisingly, our research shows that women are more conscious about their health. This would lead to the conclusion that drug companies, hospitals, physicians and other health care providers should place strong primary focus on women as a target audience. The detailed findings of this research can be a valuable tool in better defining marketing efforts.

Marketing health care to women begins with communicating on a personal level. Show them that you are listening to and addressing their concerns and desires. Show them that you understand the role they play as the family health care decision-maker. Show them that your product or service fits perfectly into their goal of keeping their family safe and healthy.

Brand X Research, a research and marketing firm focused specifically on the largest consumer group in the world – women. Through in-depth research, both quantitative and qualitative, Brand X serves clients in all industries helping them refine marketing messages and reach more women more effectively.

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