What Is the Why Behind Your Goals

Have you set your goals for 2012? It is that time of year when we all take a look at the next year and decide what goals we want to set, what we want to achieve and how we are going to go about achieving it. Goal’s boards will be made, goals will be written and thousands of people will make New Year Resolutions. People will spend hundreds of hours working on their goals, but how much time have they spent understanding the bigger picture behind those goals? What is the why behind them?

 Where are your goals taking you? What is the vision of your life that you are working so hard to achieve? What is your why? More of your time should be spent creating the vision that drives the goals, otherwise you are always looking for the very next goal to achieve because you have no real vision or intention for your life. If the $100,000 is only about the money it will not be long that you will be bored, lack motivation and be uninspired. On the other hand, if the $100,000 represents the opportunity for your child to enroll in the college of his choice, then the intention behind the goal will inspire you to achieve the goal.

When you set your goals in alignment with your life intentions, with your why, you will be inspired to reach them versus feeling pressure to achieve them. So let me encourage you to take a look at the goals you have set for next year, and for each goal, take out your journal and ask yourself, “Why is this goal important to me?” “Does this goal align with my values?” “Who can support me in the achievement of this goal?” “Does this goal really move me in the direction that I envision my life?”

Once you can answer each of these questions, when you can really focus on what is important in your life now and in the future, your goals will inspire you and that is a much easier way to live life!

Live your life INSPIRED!

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