It's Good To Be Back

I love to blog, but I have been inconsistent over the last year because I have been working on a major book project that has taken 4 years of research, and 12,000 people surveyed. This book, Business Networking and Sex, has been under deadline with the publisher so all my writing time has been taken up working to meet those deadlines.

Whenever I thought about blogging I would start to feel guilty for not working on the book. After all it is a very exciting project, but the book goes to the publisher this May 1, and I am very excited. Both to turn the book into the publisher but also to get back to blogging.

My personal blog is going to take a bit of a change, with a new look from Roundpeg and a wider variety of topics. I hope you will enjoy the blog, leave some feed back, ask some questions or even challenge my thinking!

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