Stop Business Card Abuse

I’ve spent years building my business using networking and developing referrals.  I teach others to network and work with clients to develop predictable referral systems in their business so that they’re working smarter not harder.  So, over the years I have observed the misuse…in fact,  downright abuse of business cards by business people all over the world.

It’s not the business cards fault, after they’re really there to make you look good and pass on your information to those who desire it.  In the eastern cultures the business card is highly respected and treated as such.  It is not slung around and given to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who happens by.  When it is given to another person it is done so with great reverence and respect of each others cards.  Attention is paid to the card.

The business card has a long history that dates as far back as the 15th century in China. The business card began as a “visiting card” or a calling card. It was a social convention that was bound by some very strict etiquette rules.

I think it is time that someone took a stand for the business card, and elevate it to the status that is deserved.  It is my goal to stamp out the abuse of business cards and maybe save a few trees to boot!  Starting now…so watch for a series of short posts and join me is stopping the random abuse and ineffective use of business cards!

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