It's A Small World When You Diversify Your Network

When I began my path of networking in 1991 my sole intention was to build my business. I never considered what impact my network would have on my life, the people I would meet, the places I would travel and the things that I would be able to do, because of the network I have developed.

As I sit on an airplane headed to Massachusetts to spend time with my friends whom I met networking at BNI’s international conferences, I have had time to reflect upon my life and how it has been impacted by the diversity of my network.

Last week I was in Scotland at a friends wedding, this week I was in Big Bear California where I spent time with people from all over the country and my friend Sarah from England as well as Michael Gerber and his wife.

Because of the time invested in my network I have had the opportunity to build a business that I love and travel the world to help those in my network.

Unfortunately too many people spend time only networking with those of their own kind, those whom live in the same area, speak the same language, and dress the same way. This is a very limiting way to build a network.

Step out, go network at places where you have never networked before. Meet people who are different, from other places, different states, cities, and countries. When your network is diverse your life becomes enriched and opportunities are presented that would never have happened otherwise.

You can have anything you want in life, go anywhere in the world, and create a life you love when you build a far reaching and diverse network. So, step out of your comfort zone, go somewhere new, meet new people in a new place, diversify your network.

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