Networking Starts with a Handshake

Can a handshake have a big impact on a first impression? Here is why it’s important!

I wrote a book with two friends, Frank DeRaffele Jr and Dr. Ivan Misner,  based on a 12,000 person survey. Many people left comments about business networking, things they liked, were challenged by, or just wanted us to know. One of the most frequent comments that we have received is on the “Handshake”.


These comments show clearly that how you shake hands can leave an impact on your ability to communicate or get others to communicate with you. Just as how your appearance has an impact, so to does your handshake. Unfortunately, I believe that there is little attention paid to the handshake and the proper way to do it.  Here are a few of the comments that we received:

I communicate easier when I am greeted with a firm handshake from a woman rather than a dainty or limp handshake…limp means she has no idea what she is talking about, and cares even less about shaking your hand.

You can’t judge a book by its cover (!) but you can judge strength of character & business development potential from a handshake.

A strong handshake indicates to me a no nonsense individual, straight to the point, lets get on with the business….and I have to say for the most part that is very true.

There is no doubt from my experience, that those with whom strong business links have been forged, have been with the owners of the firm handshake. Maybe the sub-conscious takes over. It is strange but it is true.

Understanding the etiquette of a proper handshake is key to your networking success as you can see above. Practice your handshake with those who will give you honest solid feedback.  Here is a very good article on the steps to developing an impactful handshake.  Don’t let your handshake leave a bad impression.



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