What's On Your Name Tag?

What's On Your Name Tag?

What you put on your name tag can make a difference in the way people interact with you. Here is how!

Welcome Guest Blogger – Tiffany Kellog, she is a friend, fellow Referral Institute Instructor and fellow Blogger.

Have you ever been at a networking event, and you were scoping out name tags, and you saw a name tag that had both a name and an industry. You think to yourself, I know what _______ does, for example, perhaps you see a florist, and you think that you know what a florist does so why do you need to ask more? Perhaps you see a financial planner at a networking event do you know what they do? (And are you now, while you are reading this, thinking I know what a financial planner does?)

Often times, by listing your profession on your name tag, you are painting yourself into a box, and its not always the one you want to be put in! The disadvantage of listing your industry on your name tag is that you are putting yourself into a category which will allow the people you meet to decide, before speaking to you, exactly what you do and who you are and if they already have the answers to those questions, why continue on?

Instead of putting your professional category on the name tag, why not put something on your name tag that will have them asking you multiple questions about your business? The advantage is that you get to tell them EXACTLY what you do, and not have them fit you into their preconceived notion of your business profession.

So, when you are at your next networking event (or ordering your next set of name tags), what will you be writing to describe what you do?

Having problems with filling in that blank? I recommend the Certified Networker Program,Module 1 & 9, to help come up with your Emotional Based Marketing Message and ideas on what you should put on your name tag.

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